#017: The Cellar

We spent almost couple of weeks (1.-10.6.) at Saaren Kartano participating a master course held by Simryn Gill. We talked a lot about art and life, and it was kind of heavy. One day I took a little time out from fellow students and headed to this beautiful newly renovated cellar from late 19th century. There I started to work with fishing line since I experienced that it works well with the natural light condition in that specific space. 

This cellar was huge, approx. 4 to 5 meters in height as width also, length about 9 meters. Half of the structure was below ground level and because of very thick walls temperature stayed stable at c. +10 celsius, so my toes were freezing all the time I worked there. At the same time I also worked with a camera + pico projector combination and "punctured" a window opening in one bay inside the wall structure. I installed a camera on the outside wall in the exact same spot where the walls hollow spot was and connected the camera to the projector, so that the viewers could see outside as if there was a real window opening. Some people didn't at first even realize that it was a projection although all the equipment were clearly visible.

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