#028: 24 farben

Imi Knoebel, 24 Farben-für Blinky, 1977

Yesterday at school one of my fellow students said that she hadn't had 'the kicks' from any work of visual art for a long time. Me neither (the last time was in maybe 2006, when I was encountered with Vesa-Pekka Rannikko's works for the first time). Then I saw Imi Knoebels 24 Farben-für Blinky in Dia:Beacon in 22. of September 2011. Surely the surrounding architecture played it's own role in the overall experience, and maybe I was in a very sentimental mood after seeing Blinky Palermo's retrospective but still I would have never guessed how deeply colours and abstract shapes could affect me. Still the most striking thing was, that these works were dedicated to the memory of Palermo by a very dear friend. Formerly Knoebel had used quite monochromatic scale between black and white but in this homage he expanded his repertoire to consist all these wonderful colors. 

All of this is, of course, irrelevant in relation to the concrete works of art. But I just can't help thinking about the act of must. I also felt it when my brother died in July. I had an acute concern that I would forget him in three weeks, if I didn't do something quick. Now it's been almost three months and I still think of him every day. After seeing 24 Farben-für Blinky, I know for sure that I will make something for him but in due time. Isn't that just amazing?