#033: found note

Found this after uninstalling our exhibition at Gallery Kluuvi. It was stashed in a pile of rubbish. Guess it was meant for our eyes only, but we just couldn't resist sharing it with you guys. Formerly this was just a blank, clearly visible A4 sheet on a window recess, but somebody decided to write on it & hide it. Also our book on demand portfolio got snatched, which is kind of flattering.

I guess all this is happening because we want to communicate. Not desperately but eagerly. Showing stuff is not at all what this is about. Gathering and sorting masses of information, evaluating the gained results and sharing those collectively for a possible re-evaluation and feedback or even better, for a proposal for improvement is the real deal. We are working as researchers in a very concrete way, and our field of research is 'materials as universal signs of communication between artists and viewers'. 

Just kidding, life's good. Listen to Tim Hecker