#035: Removing stuff

I've been messing around a bit with Bloggers HTML-code and took some baby steps in tweaking. It's fascinating because when you make websites with other editors like Dreamweaver you just end up adding stuff. With Blogger one needs to work the opposite way. It's a bit the same situation when you're moving from bigger apartment to a smaller one. First you get rid of some furniture and clothes, maybe change your picture tube telly to a flat screen, but when you get with your spared stuff inside the new apartment, you realize how full it really is. Soon the things you thought earlier were too dear to be binned, will be binned.

See what I'm talking about.

And yes, I was attacked by the infamous pepper spraying cop while I was typing the title for the before mentioned blog.

PS. There are some pics of my paintings from 2008, which are a pretty rare sight at the interweb nowadays. Yep.