#038: first week in Freiburg

Long time no see, again. We've spent now 8 days here in Freiburg, and it's been both intense and quiet. It's a bit hard to start after almost two months of not making anything art related, and especially when all our materials are in Helsinki. But this is just what we needed.

The view from our apartment is just great. Started to work with a sunrise/sunset timelapse video, and it's in our intentions to continue doing it throughout the whole residency period. We also started to reproduce to a transparent paper the leftovers from other residency artists who has been dwelling in Kunsthaus L6 before us. 

Video is taken from Zähringe district and the castle surroundings nearby, Burg Zähringer.

We'll be right back with some pics from our Helsinki-Rostock ferry ride and with some snippets of new works. Stay sharp!

np. Dj Tumu89 - Smooth Criminal