#177: I just did it.

6.5.2012 11:45 looking at a cardboard box in a storage room, Pekilo, Mänttä

Photo above: 22.2.2011 shelf installation from our studio in Kaikukatu 2, Helsinki.
Photo below: prison inmate's belongings on a shelf, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Nummer 19 | 11. Mai 2012, p. 36, photo: Christa Pfafferott

We're currently working with an upcoming exhibition, which takes place in Poriginal Gallery during 20.4.–7.5.2013. For one part of the show we've been developing an idea of a performative quantum leap back in time, which tangibly means that we're going to reenact in the gallery space some of our former artistic methods spiced up with live commentary and conceptual framework drawing out from our current points of interest. In John Cage's (19121992) Some rules for students and teachers or just about anybody else, rule n:o 8 states 'Do not try to create and analyze at the same time. They are different processes'. What we're about to do in the gallery is to mix these two time dimensions into one; in our case, the pre-existent artistic labor and the subsequent studies of it are being performed in parallel. Mr. Cage wouldn't turn in his grave since he acknowledges that different time sequences might overlap, and therefore conceive a situation where creation and analysis coexist simultaneously. It's somewhat preceptive to look back and try to figure out something you've once made, but at that time simply had no clue why. Or there's a slight clue so delicately encrypted that it takes some time to decode it, 'to put it in words'. There's no mystification here since the need to express oneself pictorially just happened to exceed the verbal need with a time span of few years.