#002: Arduino basics

Got to do some Arduino programming and used soldering iron (last time was in elementary school!)
. As in previous post I was saying, the servo motors didn't seem to work out too well with silicone casts so instead we had to eventually figure out something else. I connected the screen plate (w. two servo motors) to Arduino and made a very simple for-code that makes the other servo spin 180 degrees and the other servo to do a sawing-like movement. The code isn't exactly made properly and that's why the other servo is zig-zaging,but it was just the thing we were looking for.

After we got the code to function, we attached two small surveillance cameras to servos with blu-tack, and the cameras we plugged in to pocket projectors AV-input. So basically the projectors show what the cameras are scanning. Seems to work quite nicely, especially when combined with some small scale stuff we have made.

np. Bill Laswell - Milky (DJ Grazhoppa Mix) 

edit. The complete work can be found from here.