#003: color chart

from left to right: Marvelous anchor, Fleshlight and Fanny Hill's

on top: Private dancer


During the silicone workshop I figured out that it would be fun to make these body-tinted 'frisbees'. Silicone is much used in dildos, vibrators, masturbators, lubricants etc., so I thought it would be interesting to connect the work with the aesthetics of adult toys. After all Finland is one of the leading Nordic countries in promoting sexual well-being by bringing this stuff for sale in grocery stores since 2009.

Each colored silicone has it's own name that represents a real life sex toy. I selected sex toys which have proper names (see pictures) rather than using terms like dildo or butt plug, so that the connection is not too evident. Later I mixed colors that resemble sex toys colors and also transferred the names to match with the silicone puddles. The silicone puddles were then stretched in emboidery hoops, so they're nice and tight.