#004: inventory pt. 1

making of 16/46




(official announcement) Our MFA thesis work, Inventory (work title) will consist of a total of 46 watercolours, each approx. 23 cm x 24 cm. The watercolours are based on the photographs of the all temporary containers (46 pieces) we had in our studio in autumn 2010, e.g. buckets, cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

After photographing, the contents of each individual container were carefully assorted and documented in writing as in a proper inventory. All the listed contents form a 9-page word file consisting of a total of 3496 words. In the final piece the list of contents will be presented simultaneously with the watercolours as monologues hearable from mp3-player. Watercolours will be numbered so that they will match the right track numbers in the mp3-player. (/official announcement)