#168: danse macabre

Injected polyurethane foam makes the intestines twitch and squirm. They immediately start to take their natural form all too greedily, inflicting the elastic matter to extend beyond its very limits and causing sudden burst outs of sticky goo. Throbbing foam seems to have a life of its own, as it now has only a small hole from where to push out its insides slowly, one cubic centimeter at a time. I feel priviliged to be the only one witnessing this spectacle where organ(ic)s with their limited abilities meet the ever expanding light yellow foam. Danse macabre is being materialized before my eyes. Lax intestines rise like cobra ready to strike. Once dead and purified is suddenly full of energy, pulsating, vibrant, alive.

After few hours the foam feels hard. Chemical reaction has reached its peak. Rigor mortis.