#320: Patchwork

plastic bags

Plastic bags mostly consist of polyethylene, which, similarly to glass, is an amorphous solid (from the Greek a, without, morphé, shape, form). Both polyethylene and glass do not have a specific melting point, instead they soften gradually with the rising temperature. In Patchwork,  this characteristic of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer, has been utilized when the pieces of plastic bags have been ironed together.

First version of the work was a 8-meter-long curtain hanging outside of a tower gallery that formerly had served as a studio for a stained glass artist in Freiburg, southern Germany. Since then, Patchwork has been shown in several other occassions, its shape been organically transformed at each site due to each project, using local donated leftover materials. It has formed tentlike canopies, or served as a drape. This time in Bury, Patchwork is shown as it has become, the layers of different times, shapes, fadings, and locations visible.


Patchwork is currently on display @ New Narrative And Reader, Bury Art Museum & Sculpture Center, Manchester, UK